How We Do It

We quickly size up your competitors

Our writers research the competition for you to find out what they’re offering your target audience.

Your brand/product is examined

Next, we look inside your brand and your product and become well-versed in the benefits and in the experience of what you’re offering.

Your ideal audience is nailed

We “hang out” with your target audience (using social-listening techniques) and via conversations with you, to ensure you are targeting folks most likely to buy your product and to align your promise to their needs/wants.

. . . AND Finally, we go to marketing-writing war to craft engaging content, separating you from the pack!

Why Supplement Your Team with Ours?

Custom content boosts SEO, drives high-quality leads and establishes companies as thought leaders. Yet, one of the top challenges companies and agencies have with content strategy solutions is consistently creating enough high-quality, relevant custom content to provide value for their audiences and keep readers engaged.

A supplemental bench of writers, saves your office time and reduces your staff’s workload, which, in turn, increases your team’s custom content output quality. This, no doubt, increases your value to your customers.

Media, Niches and Verticals . . . Oh My!

In addition to crafting and editing marketing copy, social media, PR and ad copy for small, mid-size and large businesses in a number of different industries, our team of writers can produce a constant supply of fresh, well-written, SEO-rich brand and journalistic content in a variety of fields, including:  financial, health and wellness, marketing, fashion, photography, tech start-up, real estate, medical, legal, insurance, women’s professional and personal development and the mom/family consumer markets .

Tweaking, Editing or Overhaul

Armed with incredible imaginations and the love of transporting folks via the written word, we carry out our customers’ agendas –

  • Crafting content to distinguish you from competitors;
  • Unearthing hooks that demonstrate to potential customers, in no uncertain terms, the uniqueness of your product/service, and not to mention, that your product is the ideal solution for their pain in a way that the competitors’ solutions is not; and
  • Writing customer-focused copy that clearly conveys your valued benefits.

Our team writes or edits marketing material that companies and organizations use to increase brand awareness and promote their establishments, products and/or services. This includes brochures, websites, landing pages, press releases, articles, video scripts, radio commercial scripts, flyers, conference handouts, business letters, sales letters, trade show collateral, informational handouts, PowerPoint slides, linkedin profiles and posts for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs.

One or more members of the SMCC team can do a complete overhaul of your marketing material and content or simply tweak what you’ve got to sharpen your voice or tighten your company’s message.

Research and the mining of the company back-story is our collective strong suit.
Whether you need an article to create an evolving brand story to engage your potential customers or a continuing flow of valuable, relevant social media content, Stacey Mathis Copywriting, more than likely, has a writer to take your brand WHEREVER it needs to go.

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