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12 Essential Mobile Marketing Blogs for Freelance Copywriters

Mobile copy differs in many respects from desktop copy, be it app copy, SMS, MMS, push notifications, mobile web content or mobile ad copy.  There are a whole host of elements that must be taken into consideration when composing copy for mobile devices. Thankfully, they can be learned fairly quickly, if you know where to look. Below is a list of sources where copywriters can find information on mobile marketing, which, of course, directly impacts the writer’s approach to crafting mobile copy.

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1-Vibes Blog – Vibes is an entity recognized for having innovative ideas. The blog offers insight on the trends, how-tos and matters relevant to the mobile marketing industry.

2-Mobile Marketing Watch – The primary function of Mobile Marketing Watch is to serve the mobile industry, including but not limited to marketers, consumers and businesses. The blog collects updates and delivers practical reports, insight and clarifications to help the industry traverse the mobile channel.

3-Marketing TechBlog – Marketing Technology blog discusses the newest information, best practices, and many other valuable items for search engine and online marketing.

4-Finger Food – 5th Finger– Finger Food creates unique mobile solutions for the health and retail industry, including providing information on building mobile strategies.

5-Mobile Commerce Daily – This is the world’s first dedicated mobile commerce daily trade publication. It’s written for businesses who use mobile channel for, among other things, sales that originate and are finalized on the mobile device.

6-Footprints – the Walker Sands agency, the owner of the Footprints blog, focuses on providing marketing services and public relations for technology solution providers. They also provide web technology solutions for B2B companies. Their blog more than sufficiently complements this effort.

7-Christopher Koch’s blog, Idea Marketing, is his own words – “Idea marketing isn’t journalism but it uses journalistic methods to educate and inform customers about what they should be doing today and what they should be planning for the future. In this blog, I share what I learn about the many aspects of idea marketing.”

8-The Launch Blog – This is a blog about advertising and marketing-related topics, including mobile marketing.

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9-SMS Mobile Marketing Blog – This blog is solely committed to every aspect of SMS mobile marketing and the SMS mobile marketing industry.

10-Mayo Lounge – Mayo Lounge Mobile Marketing is a blog primarily focused on mobile marketing and the usage of mobile phones in strategic communications. This is especially helpful to copywriters, because this blog posts examples of successful or creative mobile marketing campaigns.

11-Google Mobile Ads – This blog is just what it sounds like; it provides information and up-to-the-minute news and commentary, etc. on all things in relation to Google Mobile Ads, marketing and technology.

12-Mobivity – is a mobile marketing and technology blog that covers texting and SMS solutions.

Contrary to what a lot of copywriters think, writing for the mobile market is somewhat different from writing for the desktop market.  The targets’ needs are different; they change from the desk to the handheld. Their mindset and attention span are different.  So, if you think you can simply copy and paste a piece you’ve crafted and think it will work, so long as you’ve got “banging,” compelling text, you’d be wrong!  If you are not up to speed on the things that matter when writing for the mobile world, catch up, or you will be left behind.  This is the direction technology is taking, thus, it’s the direction marketing and copy will be taking as well.

Streamline Mobile Web Content Writing

Copywriting for today’s mobile readers demands quick, short and strong text.  Even though mobile users spend a lot of time idling and doing frivolous stuff on their mobile devices, they still want to do it in a hurry.  And they get agitated when they can’t do it in a speedy fashion.

Also, mobile users want only the information that is absolutely necessary for them to achieve their immediate goal.  Reading on a mobile device is hard enough as it is, but then when you have to scroll through an unnecessary number of words to get where you’re going, it’s maddening.

This increases the writing challenges for the copywriter.  The copywriter now has to think in terms of digesting a copy message, not writing it in the traditional sense.  When you are crafting mobile copy and you have second thoughts about whether text should be there, it’s probably best to omit it.

Increase Your Visitor’s Interest In What You’re Selling . . . Refocus the Text on Your Website Pages

Freelance copywriters have a great deal to offer business owners – large and small.  In this Internet-happy market, this is where your website is supposed to work for you.  Yet, many copywriters sometimes forget this simple bit of wisdom:  Focus on the customer, not you – the copywriter.  Anything you say should mirror what you think your potential target customer would want to know in order to decide if you are the right copywriter.

They want to if you are the right copywriter for them.  Your website should tell your prospects how they will benefit by hiring you.  How you save them time.  Show them that you can capture the attention of the market they wish to sell to.  Prove to them you have the experience or know-how to write blog posts for them that will drive traffic to their websites.

The copywriting program you graduated from is neither here nor there. These are business owners (not law school admissions directors).  They are looking for writers whose web pages say:

• Can you sell their stuff to their customers?

• Do you have skills to change their customers’ minds about something?

• Can you assist in their social media efforts so that they can raise their company profiles and generate more leads and more clientele?

• Can they afford you?

•  Do you have the credentials that demonstrate you can do the job?

Your website content should show and tell your potential customers these the answers!