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5 Information-Packed Landing Page Resources to “Change the Game!” for Your Small Business in 2018

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Recently, I was hunting around online to help out a potential client who needed website writing services, but who, unfortunately, did not have a budget. They say, “everything happens for a reason.” Thanks to her lean budget, I went in search of affordable, yet simple, DIY alternative approaches for her, and in my online travels I found the following landing page-related (info-packed) resources that I can now share with my fellow small business owners:

The Ultimate List of Free Landing Page Templates from Leadpages

9 Quality Sources for Beautiful Landing Page Templates

17 Landing Page Resources to Double or Even Triple Your Conversions

5 common characteristics of high-converting landing pages

The Amazing, Breathtaking, Colossal, Really Really Useful List of Landing Page and CRO Resources (DATED 2015, BUT STILL AMAZING INFO THAT’S RELEVANT IN 2018)

Happy New Year!

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