Legal Marketing (Selling to Lawyers) or (Lawyer-to-Client)

Legal Marketing (Selling to Lawyers) or (Lawyer-to-Client)

Need to appeal to attorneys? How do you get a lawyer to part with his money when he starts out skeptical of every argument about your product that you intend to make? After all, this is how he’s wired . . . and how his thinking is reinforced through his training. Okay, how, you said? You unwire him! You don’t treat him or her like your average customer, because they’re not. There’s an art to getting lawyers to say yes. And after over 20 years of dealing with attorneys, we know just the right paintbrush strokes to achieve that nodding head, that reach for the wallet, that push of the “buy now” button.

Legal Copywriting to Attract Your Ideal Clients

And if you’re a lawyer attempting to grow your client base, we’ve got the inside track there as well.  When hundreds of lawyers in your local area all do what you do, the key is to sound less like a lawyer and more like a brilliant family friend . . . with a sharp legal mind and a track record to back it up.

Tell us what you need (on the Contact Form below), and our legal marketing copywriters will craft that next piece of copy that sets you apart from all the other lawyers who still think it’s the 1950’s – that the way to a prospect’s heart is to sound like all the other lawyers.



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