Okay, I Just Saw the Coolest FREE App for Newbie Freelancers EVER!

It’s called MyPrice, the app every freelancer needs.

If you are a copywriter or graphic designer, etc., you can calculate how much you can charge for your creative services. It takes all functions into account, like location, your education, experience, expenses, you name it. I’m so excited to tell you about it that I don’t have time to do a formal review. But, I don’t really need to because the video will tell you so much, you won’t need to read what I’d have to say anyway. So, here it is.

Oh, one thing: The reason I say it’s for newbies is because it seems to have a quirky issue holding in its memory years of experience beyond six years. In other words, if you have over six years’ experience, it’s probably not the tool for you.