Direct Mail – An Important Component of Many Successful Marketing Strategies (Infographic)

power of direct mail

Don’t call it a “come back.”  Direct mail hasn’t gone anywhere and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

According to a Marketing Chart Study that surveyed purchase influence among baby boomers between the ages of 50-68, they found that “more than 3 in 10 survey respondents reported that direct mail had influenced them to purchase a product or service during the prior 6 months.

But don’t assume direct mail only appeals to the older audience.

Research shows that

  • All age groups are interested in receiving and responding to mail.
  • In 2016, response rates doubled for ages 18-21
  • 56% of consumers [all ages] think direct mail is the most trustworthy of all marketing channels.

That said, we’re sharing an insightful infographic that sheds some light on the staying power of direct mail.


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