Public Relations and Communications – Then and Now

Public Relations & Communications - Then and NowI was in the process of writing an elaborate blog post for lawyers who choose to ignore the social media revolution, content marketing and new media PR when I came across this infographic by  It highlights the many changes that have taken place in Public Relations and communications over the last few years.  It truly sums up what I was trying to impart to the attorneys who still just don’t “get” this digital marketing hoopla. This infographic says it all, so I am posting it instead of my article.  I really enjoyed this one, and I know you will too. Check it out:


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2 thoughts on “Public Relations and Communications – Then and Now

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  2. Darian

    I keep trying to tell the older generation that this is inevitable and that they have to just go with the flow. BTW, I like this infographic.


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