Hey Copywriters . . . Connect with the Folks Reading Your Copy – – Be Real. Be Personal. Be You.


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Your level of writing success has a lot to do with how your readers react to your copy.  People connect with the product or service because they relate to what you’re saying to them.  They want to feel that your copy is specifically crafted with their interests and needs in mind.  In other words, it should feel personal. Following are three ways to help your readers identify  and connect with your message:

1. Before You Write, Get to Know Yourself First.

When you understand who you are,  your writing is more inclined to genuinely fuse with the product’s message. When you are an unsure writer, it’s harder to trust your own belief in the message you are writing about the product. You can create a stronger and more compelling message if you start with you first, then tackle the project.  It’s easier to bring out the brand when you know yourself. Your confidence comes through your writing making your copy more engaging because your insecurities aren’t getting in the way of the flow of the message.

2. Don’t Be Something You’re Not. Be You.

Many writers make the mistake of trying to be something or someone they admire.  It’s okay if someone’s influence shows through your writing. However, because it’s not your authentic voice, when writers blatantly and repeatedly attempt to mimic the voice of another, it sounds scripted and unnatural.

Every writer has his or her own signature rhythm, traits and mannerisms.  Yes, that includes you.  Find and leverage your own self-expression.  Success is easier to repeat when you already own its source and it’s not borrowed from somebody else. I’ll add that, in the quest to find your own voice, it’s okay to emulate someone you admire when you start out, but don’t try to be them.

3. Speak to Your Readers Through Your Writing

Imagine that your reader is a personal friend of yours and that you are engaged in a real conversation. What would you tell her about the product or service?  Explain its benefits in the same way do when you are trying to convince a reasonably intelligent friend to make a purchase of a particular item. You want the flow of information to feel and sound real.

Know their problem. Empathize with them. What are they likely to be thinking. What are they likely to want or need from this product or service. Find that hook.

I’m sure you have a checklist of your own and you’re ahead of the game if you do.  But, if you don’t, once your copy is written, at the very least, before turning it in, check to see that you’ve got these three keys covered.


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6 thoughts on “Hey Copywriters . . . Connect with the Folks Reading Your Copy – – Be Real. Be Personal. Be You.

  1. Frank M.

    That’s very good advice. Too often we write what we think people want to hear. The truth is likely that those people don’t actually know what they want to hear – which is why they are reading your writings in the first place – they want someone to give them ideas, inspiration, insights ….

  2. Tiffany Costanza

    Get to know yourself first – that’s not something you hear every day when it comes to copywriting. It’s refreshing, though. It seems that copywriters and marketing people are trained to never personalize anything, but to make it all about the product.

  3. S Gerard

    Every writer has their own “rhythm, traits and mannerisms” – thanks for that reminder! I think product writers forget that sometimes. Especially if its a product that you don’t have a direct connection with.

  4. P Yarbrough

    I like the idea of pretending that you are talking to a friend and telling them about the product. That forces you to be “real” and not sound like you are just trying to make a quick sale. That’s the biggest turn-off ever.

  5. Janice Ingram

    Writing with confidence is such a great thing to advocate. Or writing with passion, as well. I once read someone say that it doesn’t matter “what” you do – it can be anything – as long as you do it with passion and enthusiasm. It’s hard sometimes to write about things that you don’t have a passion for.

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