The Social (Media) Sickness – an Infographic

Social Media” – I was going to write a blog post about a similar subject, but then discovered this funny infographic.  So, I stole it. Just kidding, I borrowed it.  Anyway, I think it’s useful for freelance copywriters to see if they find themselves, in their business capacity, among the social sickos.  Sadly, I found my own conduct on one of the panels here. But, I’m glad I did.  Now that I know there is awareness about such behavior and folks are cognizant of it and not necessarily in a good way, I’ll modify my business tactic.

Initially, I was not a fan of the infographic. However, recently, as I’ve come to appreciate the time-saving benefit of a visual shorthand of unwieldy and often complicated text, I’ve become a huge fan. They’re so simple, yet so enlightening, and many are just freakin’ funny!



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