Mobile Marketing for Freelance Copywriters: 3 Rules for Quick Customer Engagement

SMS Text MessageMobile marketing has created a new challenge for copywriters. These days, a LOT of your clients are marketing to their clients using short SMS messages. This means that the copywriter who wins the loyalty of their clients will be the copywriter who can use very short SMS messages to get responses from readers. Here are four rules you can apply TODAY to become master of mobile copywriting and corner the copywriting market:

Master Your Headline Writing Skills

Almost all of your copywriting practice and study should revolve around writing great headlines. If you can write great headlines, you can write great sales copy. But if you can’t write great headlines, it won’t matter how good you are at writing the rest of a sales letter.

Don’t guess when it comes to writing great headlines either, copy what’s already working. Subscribe to the email lists of the most successful people in your niche and in your client’s niche and pay attention to their headlines.

Start a swipe file and start looking for common threads in their writing and applying them into your writing for your customers. Look for common words, common phrases and starting trying them out in your sales writing.

Make it REALLY Easy to Respond . . . and Urgency Helps

Great SMS copywriting isn’t just about getting someone to respond, it’s about making it EASY for them to respond. If your client hires you to write an SMS marketing campaign, don’t write a word until you find out the exact steps the customer has to take to say yes to the offer immediately.

Many times, you’ll find that your customers are creating a roadblock by making it complicated to say “yes” to their offer. This is where being a copywriter AND a consultant will prove to be really valuable to your customers. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself how easy the mobile marketing offer is to respond to.

It’s also important to give the customer a REASON to respond NOW. Otherwise there’s no reason for them to stop what they’re doing. For example, an ad on a mobile application might look like this…

“60 second special! Get 50% off our custom T-Shirts, click here to order now!”

This kind of ad is more likely to get a response than an ad like the one below:

“Get 50% off our custom T-Shirts, email us at …@… to order now!”

That’s just one line of copy, but how it’s written could make a world of difference when it comes to getting responses.

Challenge the Reader’s (World) View

Curiosity is a great way to get people’s attention using just a few words. But you also have to challenge the reader’s view. For example, a message likes this…

“Is Your Car Cool Enough to Get You Out of a Speeding Ticket?”

…raises more curiosity than a message like this….

“You’d Look Really Cool in This Brand New Car…”

How cool does a car have to be to get you out of a speeding ticket?

That’s a story anyone would be interested in reading, even if they weren’t looking to buy a car. So when you’re using curiosity in your pop-up ads on mobile apps or in SMS messages, find a way to challenge the reader’s view.

Master your headline writing skills. Help your customers craft an offer that’s easy to respond to, and use a good mixture of curiosity and urgency.






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