Why Copywriters Need to Take Mobile Marketing Seriously

Even if you never use mobile marketing to find clients, as a copywriter, you need to fall in love with it. You also need to develop skills for getting responses from customers using mobile marketing techniques, and you need to start doing it right now. Mobile Marketing on Smart Phone with QR Code for Shopping

Here’s why…

Like it or Not, the World is Going Mobile

The world is going mobile, and as it does, your copywriting clients are going to need mobile marketing to reach their customers. Consumers use their mobile devices a lot more than they use their lap tops these days.  Mobile devices are more convenient and people can get quick access to the information they want, so naturally people are not going to stop using them. Some copywriters think this is bad news because it means less advertising dollars will be spent on direct mail and online content marketing.

However, good copywriting will always be valuable because of one undeniable truth about marketing and advertising – images don’t sell, words sell. There might not be as much copywriting in an SMS message or a pop up ad on a mobile application as there would be on a long form sales letter, but that makes  good copywriting even MORE valuable for marketers.  If they can’t get the customers’ attention within the first few words, they’re not going to make sales. That’s why your clients need you. It’s also why you might want to reconsider how valuable your writing services are in the new mobile world . . .

Mobile Marketing is a Different Game for Copywriters

A lot of newbie copywriters are still charging customers by the word, ten cents a word, one dollar a word etc. But these days, less is more and copywriters who can get responses using 10 words might soon be just as valuable as those who used to write ten page sales letters. If your clients hire you to write Twitter messages, SMS messages or pop up messages for their mobile marketing campaigns, don’t be so quick to rate the project based on word count. It takes time to put together 10 words that will grab a customer’s attention, and ultimately, you’re not being paid to write words. You’re being paid to sell your clients’ products and services.

So, start working on your headline writing skills and practice compressing your messages into 10 words or less. You now have only a few seconds to get the job done, and copywriters who can say more with less will likely rule the world of mobile marketing.

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