September 3, 2014

Beat Writer’s Block: Get Back to Your Writing Roots by Returning to Basics

Writer's Block

Guest Post by Samantha Stainsburry Writing is a task that can be just as much fun as reading a book or discovering new information in the news. Many professional writers seem to have the easiest job in the world, but once they hit that brick wall of writer’s block, it can also become one of […]

Stacey Mathis Copywriting in Association with MarketingProfs Offers Info-packed Content Marketing Crash Course

Online Marketing Diagram

Making more money in your small business than you did last year is quite possible. The answer is to find a way to dazzle your prospects, wow your customers, and bowl over competitors. The answer dear readers, is content. New York, NY, December 03, 2012 — Stacey Mathis Copywriting is offering small business owners and […]

There Really is a Content Marketing Crash Course with More Value and Info than You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

Content Marketing - SEO sign board

Are you sick of saying “This year I’m going to increase my revenue,” but still haven’t figured out a way to do it? Is being in a better financial situation than you were in last year on your list of personal goals? Making more money in your small business than you did last year is quite possible. The answer […]

Increase Your Chance of Being Re-Hired as an Online Freelance Copywriter

Search for Freelancers, People

The online freelance copywriting industry is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more copywriters are realizing that finding online jobs is a lot easier than finding offline gigs.  This, however, means more copywriters will be vying for the same jobs. The competition is getting stiffer, so your overall work ethic, attention to detail and […]

Copywriting Tips for Writing Ad Copy for E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce - shopping button on keyboard

Guest Post by Lisa Forester – Compelling copy, particularly with product descriptions, will increase your client’s e-commerce conversion rates significantly. When crafting content that will eventually wind up on an e-commerce page or website, your copy should essentially strive to achieve two objectives: 1. Establish trust; and 2. Prove to visitors that your product is right […]

Mobile Marketing for Freelance Copywriters: 3 Rules for Quick Customer Engagement

SMS Text Message

Mobile marketing has created a new challenge for copywriters. These days, a LOT of your clients are marketing to their clients using short SMS messages. This means that the copywriter who wins the loyalty of their clients will be the copywriter who can use very short SMS messages to get responses from readers. Here are […]

Why Copywriters Need to Take Mobile Marketing Seriously

Mobile Marketing on Smart Phone with QR Code for Shopping

Even if you never use mobile marketing to find clients, as a copywriter, you need to fall in love with it. You also need to develop skills for getting responses from customers using mobile marketing techniques, and you need to start doing it right now. Here’s why… Like it or Not, the World is Going […]

Best Techniques for Enhancing Your Copywriting Skills

Techniques to Enhance Copywriting Skills

Sometimes in copywriting, it helps to hear what other copywriters do to improve their skills.  Below I have featured some of your colleagues’ (from favorite methods for improving their copywriting skills.  Enjoy. 1. Study the sales pages of other people. Analyze the writing style and type of wording used. Review the placement of testimonials  […]

Video Revealing Hot Digital Marketing Trends Freelance Copywriters Should Be Up On

These marketing thought leaders reveal the digital marketing trends they and their colleagues are following, including mobile marketing trends.

Streamline Mobile Web Content Writing

Mobil Web Content (Apps)

Copywriting for today’s mobile readers demands quick, short and strong text.  Even though mobile users spend a lot of time idling and doing frivolous stuff on their mobile devices, they still want to do it in a hurry.  And they get agitated when they can’t do it in a speedy fashion. Also, mobile users want only the information […]