September 19, 2014

12 Essential Mobile Marketing Blogs for Freelance Copywriters

iPhone Advertising Mobile Web Content

Mobile copy differs in many respects from desktop copy, be it app copy, SMS, MMS, push notifications, mobile web content or mobile ad copy.  There are a whole host of elements that must be taken into consideration when composing copy for mobile devices. Thankfully, they can be learned fairly quickly, if you know where to […]

Streamline Mobile Web Content Writing

Mobil Web Content (Apps)

Copywriting for today’s mobile readers demands quick, short and strong text.  Even though mobile users spend a lot of time idling and doing frivolous stuff on their mobile devices, they still want to do it in a hurry.  And they get agitated when they can’t do it in a speedy fashion. Also, mobile users want only the information […]

Increase Your Visitor’s Interest In What You’re Selling . . . Refocus the Text on Your Website Pages


Freelance copywriters have a great deal to offer business owners – large and small.  In this Internet-happy market, this is where your website is supposed to work for you.  Yet, many copywriters sometimes forget this simple bit of wisdom:  Focus on the customer, not you – the copywriter.  Anything you say should mirror what you […]