September 2, 2014

Hey Copywriters . . . Connect with the Folks Reading Your Copy – - Be Real. Be Personal. Be You.

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  Your level of writing success has a lot to do with how your readers react to your copy.  People connect with the product or service because they relate to what you’re saying to them.  They want to feel that your copy is specifically crafted with their interests and needs in mind.  In other words, it should feel […]

12 ‘Appalling’ Copywriting Tips From David Ogilvy, Our Original Mad Man

David Ogilvy - Advertising Copywriter

David Ogilvy, the original Mad Man, called his notes appalling; I call them invaluable! April 19, 1955 Dear Mr. Calt: On March 22nd you wrote to me asking for some notes on my work habits as a copywriter. They are appalling, as you are about to see: 1. I have never written an advertisement in the […]

Start Your Freelance Copywriting Life Off Right

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In June and July of 2006 I committed to doing three things: (1) buy and read Bob Bly’s book The Copywriter’s Handbook, Third Edition: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells; (2) buy and read Steven Slaunwhite’s book Start& Run a Copywriting Business; and (3) start a freelance copywriting business by September 2006. And […]

A Word from David Ogilvy on the Efficacy of Direct Response Advertising v. General Advertising

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      It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Three Ways to Make Money When Your Freelance Copywriting Business is Slow

Make Money When Your Freelance Business is Slow

As a freelancer, and as with almost any kind of business ownership, there may come times when business is slow.  If you experience a down-swing in your freelance business cycle, there are measures you can take to get through it. Below are three activities you can engage in to pay the bills and stave off the […]

Looking to Get Into Copywriting? Here’s Some Advice from Veteran Copywriters

Wise Old Owl

A new copywriter visited my Advertising Copywriting  group discussion and asked “What advice would you offer to someone who is looking to get into copywriting . . . ?”  I scoured the lengthy comments and came away with my top 12 responses below: 1. Start writing things: student newspapers, blog posts, anything. 2. If […]

I’m a Damn Good Copywriter! Why Do Employers Keep Posting Job Ads Specifically for Digital Writers and Copywriters?

Digital Writing in a Digital World

Let me start this post by countering an all-too-common offense taken by traditional copywriters who tend to rise up when they hear terms like “digital copywriting.” Employers who specify “digital writer” or “digital copywriter” in want-ads are not implying that traditional copywriters cannot write for the new media or that writing for the new media […]

Copywriting Tips for Writing Ad Copy for E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce - shopping button on keyboard

Guest Post by Lisa Forester – Compelling copy, particularly with product descriptions, will increase your client’s e-commerce conversion rates significantly. When crafting content that will eventually wind up on an e-commerce page or website, your copy should essentially strive to achieve two objectives: 1. Establish trust; and 2. Prove to visitors that your product is right […]

Write and Grow Rich . . . Really

Write and Grow Rich (Pens with Golden Dollar Sign)

My colleague, Bob Bly, author of 70+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” shows you how quickly and easily you can . . . “Write and Grow Rich!” If you’re thinking about starting a freelance copywriting business now or have started one already, you’re in luck. Bob Bly, in his infinite marketing wisdom, […]

Getting a Copywriting Job in London

London Underground - Getting a Copywriting Jobs in London

Posted By Guest Blogger: Tim Green- I was told that copywriters need to be creative, have a love of language and be adaptable.  I was all of these things so surely it was a perfect fit. Indeed, having studied journalism and with a love of books and writing, I figured this should be easy. The […]