September 2, 2014

How to Use Twitter to Market Your Freelance Copywriting Business

Social Media Core of Internet Networking and Twitter Marketing

Some freelancers have said that a number of their biggest contracts have come through Twitter. It’s certainly the lucrative flavor of the day in marketing for numerous businesses (big and small), so I recommend you work it into your freelance copywriting business model. This list is by no means completely exhaustive, but it will undoubtedly […]

Three Steps to Writing Great Tweets for Your Clients

Tweet in patch work squares

Copywriters aren’t being hired just to write long form sales letters anymore. Mobile marketing and Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are creating the need for short, interesting and engaging messages. As a copywriter, here are three things you can do to write awesome tweets and other short messages for your client’s marketing campaigns . […]

9 Groups in that Welcome Job-Hunting Freelance Copywriters

Target Marketing

Being a copywriter means being creative.  Not only should copywriters strive to be creative in the projects to which they are assigned, but you should be equally creative when searching for gigs.  I have come across 9 groups that post jobs and have compiled those with specific request for copywriters. Read their profiles, in their own […]

Get That Freelance Copywriting Business Off the Ground Already

Red Start Sign

How successful you will be as a freelance copywriter is determined by how committed you are to making it happen.  Your first priority is get that this is not a hobby.  If it is a hobby, that’s fine, and you really don’t need to read this post.  If you are freelancing for a living or […]

7 Tips on How Not To Use Twitter for Your Freelance Copywriting Business

Social Media - Twitter for Business Networking

  Sharing Too Much Personal Information Posting personal information is fine, but within reason.  As freelance copywriters, i.e., small business owners, we are building our brands.  This is probably not the best platform to share a tweet about last night’s hangover  and hurl-fest – not that you could tell that in 140 characters anyway . […]

Use These Twitter Tools to Enhance your Freelance Copywriting Business Experience


Yeah, yeah, yeah, you already know that you should be using Twitter for your freelance copywriting business.  All business owners know that. But, how many of you are familiar with the tools that abound that can enhance your user experience.  Tools that save you time. Tools that tell you when you’re being talked about. Tools […]