September 17, 2014

Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

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Guest Post by Diana Smith By now, most companies that want to connect with customers are on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. bring brands and their audience closer together in more ways than in the past. But it is all too easy to make social media mistakes when faced with what can […]

Four Important Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Guest Post by Rianne Hunter As massive as this social networking platform is, there are many businesses that are still surprisingly uninformed about how to best take advantage of what Facebook has to offer. These are just some of the effective promotional strategies that not enough business owners leverage: Create Engaging Content This seems like a […]

How to use Google Plus for Business: 3 Tips for Independent Ventures

How to use GooglePlus for Business

Guest Post by Tom C. Black If you’ve set up a Google+ page under the name of your business, the next step is to optimize this resource and establish your brand as a leading industry influence. This is particularly important if you are a small or independent business owner. If used correctly, Google+ enables you […]

Achieve Your Small Business Online Marketing Goals

Building Small Business

Every time I go online, which is all day long, there seems to be something new I need to add to my arsenal of online marketing information.  Marketing is what I do for others.  It’s also what I do for my own business, yet, even I sometimes get a bit dazed when I think about […]

Public Relations and Communications – Then and Now

Public Relations & Communications - Then and Now

I was in the process of writing an elaborate blog post for lawyers who choose to ignore the social media revolution, content marketing and new media PR when I came across this infographic by  It highlights the many changes that have taken place in Public Relations and communications over the last few years.  It truly sums […]

The Social (Media) Sickness – an Infographic

“Social Media” – I was going to write a blog post about a similar subject, but then discovered this funny infographic.  So, I stole it. Just kidding, I borrowed it.  Anyway, I think it’s useful for freelance copywriters to see if they find themselves, in their business capacity, among the social sickos.  Sadly, I found […]

Upcoming Free Webinar: The State of SEO and Internet Marketing in 2012

Dear Visitors, Internet search engine technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years and has offered businesses the ability to specifically target select audiences by employing innovative SEO techniques. Today, Google alone has over 400 million searches occurring daily. However, a business’s ability to be found on-line by its intended audience is akin to […]

How to Use Twitter to Market Your Freelance Copywriting Business

Social Media Core of Internet Networking and Twitter Marketing

Some freelancers have said that a number of their biggest contracts have come through Twitter. It’s certainly the lucrative flavor of the day in marketing for numerous businesses (big and small), so I recommend you work it into your freelance copywriting business model. This list is by no means completely exhaustive, but it will undoubtedly […]

Three Steps to Writing Great Tweets for Your Clients

Tweet in patch work squares

Copywriters aren’t being hired just to write long form sales letters anymore. Mobile marketing and Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are creating the need for short, interesting and engaging messages. As a copywriter, here are three things you can do to write awesome tweets and other short messages for your client’s marketing campaigns . […]

Need More Qualified Leads for Your Freelance Copywriting Business?

If you’ve got a website or blog and want to generate more leads for your freelance copywriting business, you’re in luck. Optimize your website to get found by more prospects and convert more of them into leads and paying customers with HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software. Need More Qualified Leads? Use HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing System. Try our […]