September 20, 2014

Copywriting Defined – An Infographic Clarifying Copywriting 101

Copywriting Defined - 101 - Infographic

I came across this infographic while doing some research for a project.  The credit goes to ABC Copywriting, a UK copywriting outfit.  If you’re trying to wrap your head around the concept of copywriting and you just don’t get it, you’ll certainly get it after reading this. Reading this is like learning copywriting 101 in an online marketing program. […]

Looking for serious copywriting inspiration and words of wisdom, simple, yet cogently put?

Watch Tony Brignull – “Finding Inspiration as a Copywriter – 1 Minute to Leave Your Mark.” You never know where that gem, that hook is going to come from, which is exactly why what Brignull says is invaluable.  This is the copywriting process at its best.   Happy Writing!   Stacey  

Need More Qualified Leads for Your Freelance Copywriting Business?

If you’ve got a website or blog and want to generate more leads for your freelance copywriting business, you’re in luck. Optimize your website to get found by more prospects and convert more of them into leads and paying customers with HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software. Need More Qualified Leads? Use HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing System. Try our […]

5 Free and Extremely Useful Ways to Research Your Target Audience


There are loads of ways to conduct research in an effort to learn about your client’s target audience or a particular demographic.  Some marketers use research facilities that provide statistical information, which is helpful; however, statistics do not tell you the whole story.  Below, I have listed five ways to ascertain your target customer’s personal […]