September 19, 2014

Get Paid to Write Articles

Get paid to Write Articles & Make Money

One of my favorite places to hang out online is in my various writing groups on One of the reasons is that there is never a shortage of great information being shared.  This week a member of one of the copywriting groups I belong to shared the following list which I think is perfect […]

Looking to Get Into Copywriting? Here’s Some Advice from Veteran Copywriters

Wise Old Owl

A new copywriter visited my Advertising Copywriting  group discussion and asked “What advice would you offer to someone who is looking to get into copywriting . . . ?”  I scoured the lengthy comments and came away with my top 12 responses below: 1. Start writing things: student newspapers, blog posts, anything. 2. If […]

Why Do American Companies Only Want Freelance Copywriters Who Are Fluent in American English?

American English (Flag) Hitting Target

Copywriters of all stripes are eager to jump on the American copywriting bandwagon. That’s a wonderful thing, since, compared to many countries, particularly emerging nations where many new copywriters come from, American companies pay well and there’s enough work to go around. Quick Story: I recently placed a few ads on some online employment platforms and specifically […]

7 Common Mistakes New Freelance Copywriters Make that Could Cost Them Business

Freelance Mistakes

One of the luxuries of being a nube copywriter in the day of the Internet is that you get to learn from the mistakes of others.   There’s always a slew of experienced folks who are willing to share the mistakes they’ve made so that you don’t make them.  That’s what this post is all about.  Listed […]

A Web Designer Asked: How Can You Tell If You Have Either a Good Copywriter or a Bad One? Copywriters of All Stripes Raced to Answer This Question

Good Copywriter versus bad Copywriter

A web designer recently asked a question in “Advertising Copywriting” and “Copywriter’s Beat,” two very popular copywriting linkedin groups.   He quickly received a large number of answers.  The question was:  “How can you tell you have either a good copywriter or a bad one?” I combed through all the answers in each group and pulled together a list […]

9 Groups in that Welcome Job-Hunting Freelance Copywriters

Target Marketing

Being a copywriter means being creative.  Not only should copywriters strive to be creative in the projects to which they are assigned, but you should be equally creative when searching for gigs.  I have come across 9 groups that post jobs and have compiled those with specific request for copywriters. Read their profiles, in their own […]

Get That Freelance Copywriting Business Off the Ground Already

Red Start Sign

How successful you will be as a freelance copywriter is determined by how committed you are to making it happen.  Your first priority is get that this is not a hobby.  If it is a hobby, that’s fine, and you really don’t need to read this post.  If you are freelancing for a living or […]

8 Top Linkedin Networking Groups for Freelance Copywriters

business networking

We are in what can be an isolating profession – writing – freelance writing at that. For this reason alone, it is important that we reach out to our fellow freelancers, our copywriting/creative writing siblings (so to speak).  Whether it is for support, job referrals or business advice on improving our freelance businesses, we need […]