August 20, 2014

I’m a Damn Good Copywriter! Why Do Employers Keep Posting Job Ads Specifically for Digital Writers and Copywriters?

Digital Writing in a Digital World

Let me start this post by countering an all-too-common offense taken by traditional copywriters who tend to rise up when they hear terms like “digital copywriting.” Employers who specify “digital writer” or “digital copywriter” in want-ads are not implying that traditional copywriters cannot write for the new media or that writing for the new media […]

Copywriting Tips for Writing Ad Copy for E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce - shopping button on keyboard

Guest Post by Lisa Forester – Compelling copy, particularly with product descriptions, will increase your client’s e-commerce conversion rates significantly. When crafting content that will eventually wind up on an e-commerce page or website, your copy should essentially strive to achieve two objectives: 1. Establish trust; and 2. Prove to visitors that your product is right […]