September 17, 2014

Freelance Copywriters: 4 Simple Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

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Being a freelance copywriter is a great way to make a decent income.  A lot of people choose this line of work because it allows them to make their own hours and they get to determine how much money they make each week or even each day. However, and this is a big “however,” in […]

Instantly Make a Custom Contract for Your Freelance Business – At No Cost To You

freelance contract

Back in October, I wrote an extensive post about starting a freelance business out on the right foot and, among other helpful nuggets, I included the following tip: Contracts Unless you are crafting a flyer for your grandmother’s church picnic, use a contract. An elaborate contract is the safest bet, but a simple contract can […]

Okay, I Just Saw the Coolest FREE App for Newbie Freelancers EVER!

It’s called MyPrice, the app every freelancer needs. If you are a copywriter or graphic designer, etc., you can calculate how much you can charge for your creative services. It takes all functions into account, like location, your education, experience, expenses, you name it. I’m so excited to tell you about it that I don’t […]

Write and Grow Rich . . . Really

Write and Grow Rich (Pens with Golden Dollar Sign)

My colleague, Bob Bly, author of 70+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” shows you how quickly and easily you can . . . “Write and Grow Rich!” If you’re thinking about starting a freelance copywriting business now or have started one already, you’re in luck. Bob Bly, in his infinite marketing wisdom, […]

Money-Making Tasks To Perform Separately When Clients Can’t Afford Your Freelance Copywriting Services

Cutting Costs of Freelance Copywriting Services

Freelance copywriting services often come with a hefty price.  And, unfortunately, not all clients can afford the full monty.  When you have a client or prospect who cannot afford your copywriting services, there are alternatives that can fit within this potential referral source’s budget and that meet your financial needs as well. For example, I […]

7 Common Mistakes New Freelance Copywriters Make that Could Cost Them Business

Freelance Mistakes

One of the luxuries of being a nube copywriter in the day of the Internet is that you get to learn from the mistakes of others.   There’s always a slew of experienced folks who are willing to share the mistakes they’ve made so that you don’t make them.  That’s what this post is all about.  Listed […]

Freelance Copywriting Rates: Getting Paid What You Deserve


Freelance copywriting jobs can mean fast business and a nice chunk of change, even for the beginner freelance copywriters. Of course, this is if the newbie understands ways to strategically charge for their freelance copywriting services.  Setting a rate is often sticky and tricky, especially for beginners, because you don’t want to be forced to […]