September 17, 2014

Best Copywriting Courses for Small Business Owners

Best Copywriting Courses

Not every small business owner can fit a copywriter or a marketing firm into their budget.  Sometimes, the best way to attack your copywriting or marketing writing project is to just do it yourself. Of course, that’s easier said than done. If you find yourself in this position, you know, where you MUST have your […]

22 Copywriting Quotes to Help Inspire Your Most Compelling Message Yet

Copywriting Quotes

  Small business owners, marketers and copywriters spend a lot of time working on the right marketing message to promote their brands, products and services.  Over the years, I have heard a number of sayings and quotes from some great thinkers that relate to copywriting that inspire me and remind what to do and what […]

Beat Writer’s Block: Get Back to Your Writing Roots by Returning to Basics

Writer's Block

Guest Post by Samantha Stainsburry Writing is a task that can be just as much fun as reading a book or discovering new information in the news. Many professional writers seem to have the easiest job in the world, but once they hit that brick wall of writer’s block, it can also become one of […]

Using Hype in Ad and Marketing Copy Alienates Customers: Use these Alternative Copywriting Techniques (Infographic)

Alternative Copywriting Techniques

By now, you know, if I can say it short and sweet by sharing a helpful infographic, I will. So, you know how copywriters are always railing against using hype in marketing and ad copy? This infographic provides alternatives for all of you who are tempted to apply that customer-alienating tactic. Yeah, you can promote your company, […]

38 Great Copywriting and Advertising Quotes to Inspire You


Sometimes the best way to explain copywriting techniques and challenges is to sum them up. This also makes for engaging bits of wisdom.  Here are 38 quotes that inspire even the most experienced copywriters – some from the celebrated masters, others from the lesser known virtuosos. 1.  “Imagination is one of the last remaining legal means […]

Get Paid to Write Articles

Get paid to Write Articles & Make Money

One of my favorite places to hang out online is in my various writing groups on One of the reasons is that there is never a shortage of great information being shared.  This week a member of one of the copywriting groups I belong to shared the following list which I think is perfect […]

10 Places to Look When Your SEO Skill Set Needs a Tune-Up

SEO Basics

As copywriters, we all know that SEO is integral in positioning your clients’ companies as industry leaders. This requires us to stay on top of the most recent developments in SEO techniques. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but following these thought leaders will certainly keep you in-the-know. Search Engine Land Distilled Hubspot […]

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Even the most talented writers have trouble every once in a while coming up with fresh topics to discuss.  Our friends over at graciously allowed us to share this infographic with our readers.  It provides 22 ideas for creating compelling content. Enjoy! Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

Hey Copywriters . . . Connect with the Folks Reading Your Copy – – Be Real. Be Personal. Be You.

Two Friends Talking

  Your level of writing success has a lot to do with how your readers react to your copy.  People connect with the product or service because they relate to what you’re saying to them.  They want to feel that your copy is specifically crafted with their interests and needs in mind.  In other words, it should feel […]

Here’s A Copywriter’s Quickie: 25 UnSung, But Important Copywriting Tips All Copywriters Can Use

Working Woman Having Tea

                Most copywriters, even newbies, know there are fundamental rules when you sit down to write copy, like – use headlines, include benefits and remember to add a P.S.   Below are some other rules (borrowed from that magnanimous message board – Warrior Forum) that veteran copywriters routinely […]