August 21, 2014

The Art of the Sales Letter [Infographic]

Writing a Sales Letter

  These masters of persuasion perfected the art of the sales letter starting in the 19th century with copywriters like Robert Collier and Leo Burnett. Along came such greats as Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy and Joe Sugarman to perfect the art of the sales letter. Hear what the masters of persuasion had to say about crafting […]

Get Paid to Write Articles

Get paid to Write Articles & Make Money

One of my favorite places to hang out online is in my various writing groups on One of the reasons is that there is never a shortage of great information being shared.  This week a member of one of the copywriting groups I belong to shared the following list which I think is perfect […]

10 Places to Look When Your SEO Skill Set Needs a Tune-Up

SEO Basics

As copywriters, we all know that SEO is integral in positioning your clients’ companies as industry leaders. This requires us to stay on top of the most recent developments in SEO techniques. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but following these thought leaders will certainly keep you in-the-know. Search Engine Land Distilled Hubspot […]

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Even the most talented writers have trouble every once in a while coming up with fresh topics to discuss.  Our friends over at graciously allowed us to share this infographic with our readers.  It provides 22 ideas for creating compelling content. Enjoy! Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.

Hey Copywriters . . . Connect with the Folks Reading Your Copy – - Be Real. Be Personal. Be You.

Two Friends Talking

  Your level of writing success has a lot to do with how your readers react to your copy.  People connect with the product or service because they relate to what you’re saying to them.  They want to feel that your copy is specifically crafted with their interests and needs in mind.  In other words, it should feel […]

How a Copywriting Niche Can Help You Make More Money

Target Audience

I recently came across a video that cogently explains the advantages of having a copywriting niche. Take a listen.   There are always numerous ways to make money in the field of copywriting and the choices are growing by leaps and bounds, but niche marketing certainly gives you a leg up when you strive to […]

12 ‘Appalling’ Copywriting Tips From David Ogilvy, Our Original Mad Man

David Ogilvy - Advertising Copywriter

David Ogilvy, the original Mad Man, called his notes appalling; I call them invaluable! April 19, 1955 Dear Mr. Calt: On March 22nd you wrote to me asking for some notes on my work habits as a copywriter. They are appalling, as you are about to see: 1. I have never written an advertisement in the […]

Three Must-Haves for Succeeding as a Freelance Copywriter

Learn to Earn More Many as a Freelance Copywriter

Guest Post by Michelle Rebecca There are freelance copywriters who earn as low as $35,000 – full-time. However, some freelance copywriters regularly earn a six-figure salary. How do you go from the low-end of the compensation scale to the high-end? You’ve already got one plus in your corner: your innate skill at creating great content. Many writers […]

Looking for serious copywriting inspiration and words of wisdom, simple, yet cogently put?

Watch Tony Brignull - “Finding Inspiration as a Copywriter – 1 Minute to Leave Your Mark.” You never know where that gem, that hook is going to come from, which is exactly why what Brignull says is invaluable.  This is the copywriting process at its best.   Happy Writing!   Stacey  

Start Your Freelance Copywriting Life Off Right

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In June and July of 2006 I committed to doing three things: (1) buy and read Bob Bly’s book The Copywriter’s Handbook, Third Edition: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells; (2) buy and read Steven Slaunwhite’s book Start& Run a Copywriting Business; and (3) start a freelance copywriting business by September 2006. And […]