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Medical Marketing Ideas: How to Attract Patients to Your Healthcare Clinic

medical marketingGuest Post By Lizzie Weakley

As doctors and healthcare professionals seek to open their own practices and clinics, they are often faced with the challenge of attracting patients. Fortunately, there are many, many medical marketing ideas – ways for healthcare clinics to create a solid relationship with new clientele. Here are just a few ways that clinics can boost their patient intake and enjoy themselves while they do it.


Understand the Advantages of Online Marketing

In healthcare, one of the best sources of business professionals can use undoubtedly comes from online marketing. Whether through the use of advertisements online or with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), professionals can be sure that getting the online word out on their clinic will allow them to reach a wide audience of potential patients (Source: Progressive Dental Marketing). Moreover, online marketing can be significantly less expensive than marketing through television or radio. For these reasons, online marketing is very much a win-win strategy for healthcare professionals, and is a great strategy for healthcare clinics to employ.


Use Social Networking

As the Internet connects more and more people to places of business, healthcare clinics should also be aware of the power of internet searches in drawing new patients. Often the first point of information that patients seek out when choosing a clinic, a well-designed Facebook page or personal website should ably represent the professionalism and reliability of a healthcare office.


Check Into Internet Ratings

As the world shifts more and more to a so-called “reputation economy,” that is, an economy in which clients and customers choose places of business because of the reputation they have on the Internet, healthcare clinics should be aware of the power of a positive user review posted online. By developing a good reputation with patients, healthcare clinics will quickly find that satisfied patients will often write online reviews about their procedures. These reviews will in turn act as an incentive for new patients to sign up with a clinic.


Create Long-Term Relationships

One of the best ways that healthcare professionals can solidify their list of patients is simply by doing their very best with existing patients. By creating a long-term list of satisfied clients, doctors and other professionals will quickly find that patients will recommend them to family and friends. With enough patients, long-term relationships will also create a steady source of income over the course of many years.

For these reasons, healthcare professionals should know that the ability to increase their patient roster is in their hands. With positive social interaction with other clinics and patients and the development of a good reputation, healthcare professionals can create a successful practice on their own. For many professionals, the creation of a successful clinic is one of the biggest accomplishments they’ll have in their career. With hard work, the rewards to clinics will be many.


Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. She studied communications at Ohio State University and enjoys the outdoors and long walks in the park with her 3-year-old husky, Snowball.

Smart Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks: Combine SEO with Content Marketing

SEO Basics

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Combining SEO with content marketing is a no cost method for building high quality backlinks.

Backlinking is vital to all SEO plans. Creating backlinks generates and enhances hits. Backlinking generates traffic and helps gain good search engine rankings. The more the hits to a page, the higher its search engine rankings.

Today, as everyone knows, social networking sites are a leading trend. Almost everybody is on at least one social networking site.  So, there a dozens of opportunities with social networking sites for creating high quality backlinks. The following infographic, created by Parampreet from blogmost, shows the top resources for building high quality links in 2014.

Smart Ways To Combine Content Marketing With SEO infographic

The Importance of Testing Your Landing Page (Infographic)


Testing Your Landing Page

It’s not enough to simply draw visitors to your landing page. You want it to be usable, as inviting as possible and you want to make sure it’s accomplishing the goals you’ve set out for it. The only way to do that is by testing your landing page.  Here’s why  . . . and a little about – how:


4 Secrets of Logo Design that Small Business Owners Don’t Know . . . But Should

Guest Post by Ani O.

secrets of logo designDesigning a logo involves much more than creating a shape like a circle, oval, or square and adding the company name.  If you’ve decided to create your own company logo this time around (or for the first time), and you really want a logo that is outstanding, there are a few things you ought to know.   Designers generally don’t share this information; they simply go behind the curtain and create their awesome magic.  However, if you’ve decided to give it a shot on your own, following are four secrets to creating better, more memorable, and more remarkable logos. 

1. Use a Double Image

Sometimes a picture of an image can be interpreted in more than one way. When you can wrap two images in one, then the logo is much more impressionable. For instance, if you have a wine company, you could simply have an outline of a wine glass, but if you turned it upside down and added a line from the center it could also look like a thumb tack.

secrets of logo design wine glass thumbtack2

2. Use Memorable Colors

The color should pull the observer in. It could be the stark color of the logo or the contrast between two colors, say a foreground and a background color. Sometimes a single block color that brings out a negative space can be particularly effective.

secrets of logo design color contrast

3. Try to be Unique

Logo designers tend to have a select palette of shapes and colors and motifs. Eventually, it can be difficult to break free from the archetypes. In other words, things can get old pretty fast. Still, there is a way to make your logo not look like an imitation. While it is a simple matter to create an uninspired logo design, it takes time and effort to come up with something unique and memorable. Sometimes simply tweaking a shape, color, negative space, or other variable can be enough to create a whole new look to a logo.

secrets of logo design - Apple                       secrets of logo design - Twitterecrets of logo design - yahoo

4. Make It Stand Out

A perfect example of a logo that captures the imagination is the Evernote logo. It is an elephant head with a curled trunk and an ear curled like a turned page. The grey head also stands in stark contrast to the bright green word, “Evernote” which is just below the trunk There are several themes going on here: first, an elephant is known for never forgetting, hence the emphasis on the word, “ever”; second, the elephant’s ear looks like a turned-up page, which matches the word, “note ”; third, the elephant is looking over the green words, much like an elephant might be bending over some green grass. All this is very subtle, of course, but nevertheless very memorable.

secrets of logo design - Evernote logo

If you don’t have a large marketing department, you may want to consider professional design help in creating your logo. Companies like Samco Printers Ltd and others can move your project from step one to completion, and some even have the infrastructure to deliver physical and digital marketing materials under the same roof.

It is possible to whip up a logo very quickly, but like a work of art, it pays to take a day long break between iterations to see if it is possible to add some memorable elements to the logo inspired by some subconscious insights.


Ani O. – Freelance writer and web enthusiast


16 Portals or Websites Offering FREE Online Courses in English and FREE Online Courses in Writing

I am frequently approached by people who offer to write blog posts for Stacey Mathis Copywriting, and I am so flattered.  I would love to publish each and every article that comes my way.  It offers my readers fresh perspectives on a number of different marketing, business and writing topics.  And, well, heck, it saves me an enormous amount of time trying to come up with original ideas for articles. 

However, this is only true when the person submitting the article has taken the time to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s.”  This is only true when the person offering to write an article has organized their thoughts and writes in a style that will appeal to my readers.  It’s counterproductive when I am forced to perform an overhaul that goes well beyond minor tweaking.

So, since, from time to time, we all need a refresher course in English and/or Writing, I decided to scour the Internet for portals and other websites that lead to FREE or inexpensive English courses and Writing courses.  Of course, each of these portals or websites offers a huge variety of other courses, so if there is something else you are interested in learning, this is certainly a great, CHEAP,  and effective place to start.

Each site’s Home page has a search box. Simply enter the words “English” or “Writing” in the box and host of courses in each subject will emerge.

In no particular order, (along with their taglines or website descriptions) they are as follows:

1.   Coursera – Take the world’s best courses, online, for free.

2.   EDX – Take great online courses from the world’s best universities.

3.   Open Culture – The best free cultural and educational media on the web.

4.   Alison – A new world of free certified learning.

5.   OEDB – The most comprehensive collection of online college rankings and free courses anywhere online.

6.   OC – The top online college courses and classes.

7.   Khan Academy – Start learning now . . . completely free, forever.

8.  Open Yale Courses – Free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University.

9.  BYU – An online educational program that offers more than 500 online courses

10.Top Free Online Courses – Where leaders go to learn.

11.Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative – Transforming higher education through the science of learning.

12. Academic Earth – Rethink education. Everyone deserves access to a world-class education.

13. UDEMY – Start learning from the world’s top instructors.

14. The Great Courses – Over 450 expertly-produced courses by professors chosen for their ability to teach.

YouTube Videos

I discovered two videos on YouTube that offer lessons in Writing.  And, yes, there are hundreds more.

15. 5 Tips to Improve Your Writing

16. How to Structure a Memorable Sentence

The Internet is brimming with courses in English and Writing. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a great start.

Happy Writing – in English,



Best and Worst Advertising: Car Commercials That Boosted Sales

car commercials

Guest Post by Brooke Chaplan

The best car commercials demonstrate the benefits and features of the vehicle, while entertaining the viewer. Of course, the test of any ad campaign is whether it has a tangible effect on sales. No matter how funny a commercial is, it will only be considered a success if it motivates viewers to leave their television and visit their local Toyota, Honda, BMW or Premier Mazda dealer.

Chrysler and Eminem’s “Imported From Detroit” Ad

For its 2011 Super Bowl ad, Chrysler partnered with local icon Eminem to demonstrate Detroit’s resiliency in the face of tough economic times. The ad ends with the tagline, “Imported from Detroit” was set up to remind the viewer that the Chrysler 200 is built in the United States. Eminem’s appearance fee for this commercial was reported at $9 million. It appears to be money well spent, as Chrysler’s net profits for the first quarter of 2011 were $116 million after posting a $197 million net loss for the same period in 2010.


Ron Burgundy for Dodge Durango

Dodge and Will Farrell launched a series of commercials to promote the 2014 Durango and the release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The ad campaign also generated significant online exposure for Dodge, with more than 10 million Youtube views in the first 30 days. Even though Farrell spent most of his time in the commercials disparaging the Durango, its sales increased by 59 percent in October 2013 and beat the previous October’s sales by 11 percent.


Volkswagen Passat “Star Wars” Kid

Also introduced for the 2011 Super Bowl, Volkswagen’s Passat commercial used a child in a Darth Vader costume to endear customers to the car. The ad relied on the familiarity of Star Wars, and the image of an adorable little boy to create positive feelings for the viewer. The strategy was a success and the company posted record-breaking U.S. sales figures in 2012.


Worst Car Commercials

Unfortunately, not all car commercials have been as successful as the previous three. Chevrolet’s “Man Step” ad was criticized for its abusive tone, and failure to distinguish its product from the competition


GM’s “Robot Suicide” commercial is another example of an ad agency misjudging the appropriate tone. The spot featured a dream sequence with an assembly robot that drops a screw, which leads to it becoming ostracized from the factory, and jumping off a bridge. The carmaker changed the commercial after two days due to complaints from suicide prevention groups.


What sells and doesn’t sell has a lot to do with a product’s placement in the media and in the eye of the audience. Sales teams that succeed tend to rely on the pop culture popularity of a product and how it is presented in advertising. Just looking at these few examples we see how one wrong move can land a company in the hole.


Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and recent graduate of the University of New Mexico. She loves to write, run and hike. 

Hey Customers – Here’s a Do It Yourself Copywriting Infographic

Freelance CopywriterSomeone posted this infographic on my FB page. The timing couldn’t have been better. I just had a conversation with someone telling them that I have no problem showing my clients and potential clients how to save money on copywriting by doing it themselves. So, here’s a copywriting infographic that provides instruction for doing just that.

Copywriting 101: How to Craft Compelling Copy (Infographic)

Improve the Visibility of Your Small Business . . . on a Low Budget

Improve the Visibility of Your Small Business

Image Courtesy of Mapichai/

Guest Post by Diana Smith

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to improve the visibility of your small business and grow your company, but have a limited budget?  The following basic marketing strategies will help accelerate your efforts:

Reward Your Customers to Improve the Visibility of Your Small Business

It’s harder and more expensive to win a new customer than to retain an old one. For that reason, focusing on a customer reward program is an ideal, low-cost solution. Create a loyalty program that you can actively promote to encourage your best customers to buy your products.

Offer Promotional Items

A sound way to promote your small business is by giving away items that advertise the name of your company. Here are some examples:

Pens are an excellent and affordable way to get passed along to other people. Give the customer more pens, well-writing pens, and ask her to pass them to others.

Notepads are an inexpensive way to promote your business. They are useful to your customers, and sheets of paper are commonly shared with colleagues. Every page could be a marketing tool that can easily get passed on to others.

A t-shirt or a tote bag is a perfect fit for every body and every budget and a fun way to have your ads walk everywhere and attract more customers.

Website URL imprinted on a promotional item is an effective way to promote your business. If the URL stands with any other text it will surely stand out much more. Try capitalizing each word in your domain name in order to bring out the company name. Also imprinting the words in different color can be effective.

Mouse pads are a cheap solution and almost guaranteed approach to encourage people to visit your website.

Coffee mugs are another inexpensive way to get noticed.

A keychain is a way to make your customer think about your business when they are in the car.

Calendars are a practical means to attract more customers because people keep them visible for an entire year on their wall or desk.

Balloons attract attention and others often ask:’’ Who sent you the balloons?’’ That’s a fine way for your marketing message to go far. 

Send Periodic E-mails

Using email to maintain and increase a customer relationship is an optimal and low-cost way to increase sales. A successful technique involves sending an (non-selling, often informative) email as frequently as twice a month to a specified list of members who have agreed to receive e-mails from your company.

Participate in Marriage Mail

Marriage mail is when an offer is packaged with those of other advertisers so that every included piece contributes to the total cost of delivery. No mailing lists need to be purchased. It’s an inexpensive method for sending your ad or a coupon with other advertisers locally.

Develop Relations through Media

Lower-cost advertising that also has good results are ‘’do it yourself public relations.” It requires an ability to adapt stories with an individual media market on your list. This could be achieved by distributing a press release with your contact information and the name of your company which will improve search engine optimization for your website, create backlinks and drive traffic to your online storefront, all of which improve the visibility of your small business on a low budget.

This, by no means, is an exhaustive list of ideas to promote your company and improve the visibility of your small business, but it’s certainly a start to keep it to of mind so that your customers are sure to remember your business at the time they need your services.



Author bio:

Diana Smith is a business coach and part-time writer interested in topics related to marketing and advertising. She writes about new marketing strategies and low advertising possibilities. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Cubic Promote.

Create a Powerful Mission Statement . . Starting With Who You Are . . . Personally

create a powerful mission statement

Want to create a powerful mission statement?  Start with your principles. Period.

Create a Powerful Mission Statement from Your Personal Promise

If you stripped everything away and looked at your raw self, what promise could you make to those closest to you? Who are you naturally, without even trying?  What do you do simply because you can’t help it, because it’s just who you are? What are your inclinations?  I am not talking about those behaviors that you do because you know it’s good business practice.  I am not talking about coming up with ideas relating to who you want to be. I mean starting from who you are, really are.

Unearthing Stacey Mathis Copywriting’s  Core

I naturally enjoy strategizing and troubleshooting. I am also a planner. I think ahead.  When I go on vacation, I have a list of EVERYTHING I am packing long before I am scheduled to leave.  I arrive at the airport hours early, and I am always prepared for “what if.” I don’t like surprises . . . good or bad.

I am also a defender of the defenseless. It’s quite difficult for me to mind my business when I see some defenseless person in harm’s way or being needlessly taken advantage of by someone or something more powerful. It’s why I hate corporate bullies. That’s why writing letters to corporate bullies and grievance letters to abusive employers on behalf of others comes so natural to me and is so incredibly enjoyable to me. I get a high from it.

So, how do my personal traits and habits translate into a powerful mission statement for my business?

Well, I am a copywriter.  I hire copywriters. I run a business where other businesses rely on me to tell the world, in no uncertain terms, how amazing or unique or beneficial they are.

Stacey Mathis Copywriting’s mission could therefore be: To catapult every deserving American business underdog and unequivocally demonstrate their unique advantage over their fiercest challengers in the eyes of potential customers.

Yes, it needs some work. That’s not my mission statement, but it certainly could be . . . because it’s true in theory and in practice – because it’s the founder’s core.

How honest and true is your mission statement?

Is it you?

Is it working?


Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

Guest Post by Diana Smith

Courtesy of Stuart Miles -

Courtesy of Stuart Miles –

By now, most companies that want to connect with customers are on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. bring brands and their audience closer together in more ways than in the past. But it is all too easy to make social media mistakes when faced with what can be a very confusing online landscape to those that are new to it. Here is a roundup of social media mistakes small businesses can avoid.

1. Not having a clear strategy

Like with your business plan, your social media activities also need a well-defined strategy so that you know exactly what your goals are and work towards them. It is all too easy to get swallowed up in the flurry of tweets and Facebook posts without thinking your plan through. This leads to too much wasted time and resources. Instead, create a social media marketing plan at the outset, and ask yourself what you hope to achieve. Decide how much time and resources you want to spend on social media. Be very clear in your objectives, and you will find it easier to focus on them.

2. Trying to be on all the social media spaces

There are too many social media networks out there today, and not all will suit your business. It is important to find out which platforms suit your brand or you may end up wasting time and resources where they are not maximized or even useful. Do some research; find out what spaces your competitors use and the networks your customers are on. If you already have an established network of connections on a specific site, consider starting from there.

3. Talking only about yourself

Many businesses make the mistake of using social media as a space for hard sell and direct advertisements. Remember that your official website is already there for the purpose. In social spaces, your customers are most important, and you should aim at solving problems and reaching out to customers’ needs rather than promoting your products. It is wise to stick to an 80-20 rule, where only 20% of your posts should be about your products and 80% should be aimed at answering queries and connecting with customers at a deeper level.

4. Crudely posting about sensitive issues

Mistakes of posting untimely or insensitive comments about sensitive issues are unfortunately all too common on these platforms, sometimes from the biggest brands. This is the fastest way of committing social media suicide. Avoid ruining your brand credibility and reputation by staying away from political posts or those that can rouse great emotions.

5. Not measuring your performance

Since your time as well as your resources are limited as a small business, you want to be able to measure every activity to see if the investment is worth it. Monitoring your social media progress is easy today with the vast arsenal of tools that are available for each platform. Nearly every social media platform has analytics tools that you can use to monitor the results of your campaigns and presence on these platforms. Use them to your advantage, and change your strategies according to the results.

6. Not engaging enough

By its very nature, social media is meant for engaging. Do not make the mistake of posting too much and not listening to what your customers have to say or sharing their content when it is relevant. Take some time out to join new conversations or ask and answer questions. Also make sure to respond to any questions that people ask you or comments they make to you.

7. Underutilizing potential

Social media platforms offer many opportunities to strengthen branding, but these opportunities are often not utilized to their maximum potential. Leaving blanks in your profile is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Your brand logo, information and other relevant images and links are essential sales tools that make people aware of who you are and what you can offer. Never leave your profile incomplete, as it reflects negatively on your brand. Complete social profiles are also more likely to show up on search results, as search engines prefer content that is truly helpful to their users.

Learn from mistakes of others when you are starting out to build a social media presence as a small business. Take the right first steps with your social media business promotion and you will soon see results in your ROIs.


Author bio:

Diana Smith is a business coach and a part-time writer interested in topics related to marketing and advertising. She writes about new marketing strategies and low advertising possibilities. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Cubic Promote.