September 18, 2014

Freelance Copywriters

Medical Marketing Ideas: How to Attract Patients to Your Healthcare Clinic

Medical Marketing

Guest Post By Lizzie Weakley As doctors and healthcare professionals seek to open their own practices and clinics, they are often faced with the challenge of attracting patients. Fortunately, there are many, many medical marketing ideas – ways for healthcare clinics to create a solid relationship with new clientele. Here are just a few ways that […]

Smart Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks: Combine SEO with Content Marketing

SEO and Marketing Content

Combining SEO with content marketing is a no cost method for building high quality backlinks. Backlinking is vital to all SEO plans. Creating backlinks generates and enhances hits. Backlinking generates traffic and helps gain good search engine rankings. The more the hits to a page, the higher its search engine rankings. Today, as everyone knows, social […]

The Importance of Testing Your Landing Page (Infographic)

testing your landing page

Testing Your Landing Page It’s not enough to simply draw visitors to your landing page. You want it to be usable, as inviting as possible and you want to make sure it’s accomplishing the goals you’ve set out for it. The only way to do that is by testing your landing page.  Here’s why  . . […]

4 Secrets of Logo Design that Small Business Owners Don’t Know . . . But Should

secrets of logo design

Guest Post by Ani O. Designing a logo involves much more than creating a shape like a circle, oval, or square and adding the company name.  If you’ve decided to create your own company logo this time around (or for the first time), and you really want a logo that is outstanding, there are a few things […]

16 Portals or Websites Offering FREE Online Courses in English and FREE Online Courses in Writing

free online courses in English

I am frequently approached by people who offer to write blog posts for Stacey Mathis Copywriting, and I am so flattered.  I would love to publish each and every article that comes my way.  It offers my readers fresh perspectives on a number of different marketing, business and writing topics.  And, well, heck, it saves […]

Feast on Innovation

Join us for an evening that places today’s innovators in context with the Renaissance masters. Michelangelo is the guiding spirit of this interactive event in which we’ll explore genius, innovation and collaboration. Come rub shoulders with branding, technology, design and marketing innovators! Feast on Innovation will include talks and interactive workshops by some of the most […]

Best and Worst Advertising: Car Commercials That Boosted Sales

car commercials

Guest Post by Brooke Chaplan The best car commercials demonstrate the benefits and features of the vehicle, while entertaining the viewer. Of course, the test of any ad campaign is whether it has a tangible effect on sales. No matter how funny a commercial is, it will only be considered a success if it motivates […]

Hey Customers – Here’s a Do It Yourself Copywriting Infographic

Copywriting Infographic

Someone posted this infographic on my FB page. The timing couldn’t have been better. I just had a conversation with someone telling them that I have no problem showing my clients and potential clients how to save money on copywriting by doing it themselves. So, here’s a copywriting infographic that provides instruction for doing just […]

Improve the Visibility of Your Small Business . . . on a Low Budget

Improve the Visibility of Your Small Business

Guest Post by Diana Smith Are you looking for inexpensive ways to improve the visibility of your small business and grow your company, but have a limited budget?  The following basic marketing strategies will help accelerate your efforts: Reward Your Customers to Improve the Visibility of Your Small Business It’s harder and more expensive to win a […]

Create a Powerful Mission Statement . . Starting With Who You Are . . . Personally

create a powerful mission statement

Want to create a powerful mission statement?  Start with your principles. Period. Create a Powerful Mission Statement from Your Personal Promise If you stripped everything away and looked at your raw self, what promise could you make to those closest to you? Who are you naturally, without even trying?  What do you do simply because […]