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 The team at Stacey Mathis Copywriting provides copy for the confident company, for the organization that knows its worth and is not afraid to own it.  We write for the organization that’s not afraid to promote the strong value messages that our writers create. This messaging is arrived at as a result of the discoveries that our writers uncover about your company, using information provided to us by you, as well as findings gathered through independent research. We closely examine your target customer and your competitors. Then we take all of this material and go to marketing war!  We craft your website, social media profile or other materials to reach the best customers for your business.


Stacey Mathis Copywriting advocates Quality over Quantity. We’re not in the business to reach all customers.  We’re in the business to nail your ideal customer.

Our copy can be found in everything from press releases, web copy, brochures, sales letters, newsletters, catalog copy, professional bios, financial investor pitch decks, sell sheets, radio commercial scripts, trade show promotional collateral, articles for article marketing, magazines, mission statements, summary business plans, web site assessments, landing pages, brand messages, consumer brochure writing and editing to circulars.

Getting a Copywriting Job in London

Posted By Guest Blogger: Tim Green-

I was told that copywriters need to be creative, have a love of language and be adaptable.  I was all of these things so surely it was a perfect fit. Indeed, having studied journalism and with a love of books and writing, I figured this should be easy. London Underground - Getting a Copywriting Jobs in London

The reality was a little different. Getting a copywriting job was not as easy a task as I had thought it would be.  Most people like to think they are good with words and most are able to speak English.  But a good copywriter requires a host of other talents beyond this: attention to detail, ability to work to tight deadlines, adaptability, good communication — these traits are ones which anyone going into the business must have.


I initially pursued the job by doing some freelance work. Luckily I had a few friends in publishing who required corporate articles and advertising briefs for their sports blogs or for online magazines. This was not overly glamorous or well-paid but it did help me to build up a portfolio and make contacts. And the experience was invaluable—writing an advertorial on sportswear one week, a pitch for party planning the next— I was learning all the time.

Recruitment Agency

After I built up a decent portfolio of work I sent my CV to a couple of big London recruitment agencies. It was a tough market to begin with.  While they liked my work, they reminded me that copywriting is a competitive business and places didn’t come up very often. But one day a friend of mine recommended me to a specialist recruitment agency in London.

They had a link to many of the more interesting companies around. Luckily, they liked my portfolio and my determination to find a job in the industry. They also liked that I had shown initiative on my freelance work and the diversity of things I had written about.

Be Persistent

I learnt that it is as hard to find a good copywriter as it is for copywriters to find a good company.  In the end, I was put forward for three interviews.  The second one I went for offered me a job as a trainee.  In the last year I have moved up and now handle a couple of client accounts myself and work on others with more senior colleagues.  It can be very rewarding work, learning about new industries and meeting and liaising with a diversity of interesting people. I’ve worked with fizzy drink companies, telephone makers, banks and fashion agencies. You need to have good writing skills, creativity and work to tight deadlines to succeed. Registering with a good agency is also a pretty good avenue to pursue in my experience. Just remember to be both patient and persistent! It will work out.



Tim Green works as a copywriter at a marketing company in London. He supports


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