October 31, 2014

About Us

nyc copywriterStacey Mathis Copywriting/Consulting (SMCC) is a virtual, boutique copywriting, content marketing and brand journalism agency.  The SMCC team of eleven writers crafts and edits marketing, advertising and journalistic content for nonprofit organizations and small and mid-size businesses that include the following industries: fashion, photography, health and wellness, tech start-up, legal, financial, e-learning, women’s professional and personal development, the parent/family market and various ethnic consumer markets.
One or more members of the SMCC team can do a complete overhaul of your marketing material and content or simply tweak what you’ve got to sharpen your voice or tighten your company’s message.  The writers’ array of work can be found in websites, brochures, venture capitalist pitch decks, sell sheets, flyers, magazines, trade publications, video scripts, radio commercial scripts, trade show promotional collateral, etc. – online and offline.

Their strong suit is their research and the mining of a client’s company back-story and leveraging those findings to unearth compelling marketing hooks and ideal USPs.  Whether you need an article to create an evolving brand story to engage your potential customers or a continuing flow of valuable, relevant social media content, Stacey Mathis Copywriting/Consulting, more than likely, has a writer to take your piece WHEREVER it needs to go.

 nyc copywriter

Need the right words?  To book Stacey or a member of the Stacey Mathis Copywriting team for your next copywriting, content marketing or brand journalism project or to ask about the company’s services, just get in touch.  They are here to help.

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