December 20, 2014

About Us

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No one was surprised by my announcement in 2006 that I was going start a side job that had something to do with writing. After all, I had spent the majority of my childhood habitually correcting everyone’s grammar, earning me the nickname “Correcto-Cure-All” by my older brother.

Today, I still walk around with that teacher’s red pen in my head, except now, I wield it to help business owners who struggle with web content, bios and brochures.

Armed with one hell of an imagination and the love of transporting folks via the written word, I carry out my customers’ agendas –

-Crafting content to distinguish them from their competitors;

-Unearthing hooks that demonstrate to potential customers, in no uncertain terms, how my client’s product/service is unique, and not to mention, the ideal solution for their pain in a way that the competitors’ solutions are not; and

-Writing customer-focused copy that clearly conveys my client’s valued benefits.

We help companies and organizations that are striving to increase market-share by pre-emptively distinguishing themselves and their goods and/or services from their competition.  Our team writes or edits marketing material that companies and organizations use to increase brand awareness, promote their establishments, products and/or services. This includes brochures, websites, landing pages, press releases, articles, video scripts, radio commercial scripts, flyers, conference handouts, business letters, sales letters, trade show collateral, informational handouts, PowerPoint slides, linkedin profiles and posts for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs.

Value: Stacey Mathis Copywriting is the next best alternative for that company that has everything it takes to be a leader in its industry, but simply does not have a huge marketing budget to own that space.

One or more members of the SMCC team can do a complete overhaul of your marketing material and content or simply tweak what you’ve got to sharpen your voice or tighten your company’s message.  The writers’ array of work can be found in websites, brochures, venture capitalist pitch decks, sell sheets, flyers, magazines, trade publications, video scripts, radio commercial scripts, trade show promotional collateral, etc. – online and offline.

Our strong suit is our research and the mining of a client’s company back-story and leveraging those findings to unearth compelling marketing hooks and ideal USPs.  Whether you need an article to create an evolving brand story to engage your potential customers or a continuing flow of valuable, relevant social media content, Stacey Mathis Copywriting/Consulting, more than likely, has a writer to take your piece WHEREVER it needs to go.

 nyc copywriter

Need the right words?  To book me or a member of the Stacey Mathis Copywriting team for your next copywriting or content marketing project or to ask about the company’s services, just get in touch.  We are here to help.

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