A Few Quick Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Marketing-Friendly

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Consultant Wendy Montes de Oca says web sites designed for display on mobile devices should be fast and user friendly.

Being fast, according to de Oca, means having a site that loads in around 5 seconds or less. Being user friendly means having large buttons, easy search capabilities, and limited scrolling.

Consider having responsive templates that adjust accordingly based on the user’s device, albeit template, desktop, or mobile phone. Offer ready access to company information such as easy-to-find business directions, contact numbers, product and purchasing information.

Even better: add a click-to-call access button to contact a customer service rep to take an order via the phone as well as an option for users to visit a non-mobile site.



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  1. Jacob says

    I’ve learned about the downsides of using a non-mobile friendly template just a week ago and I’ve been trying to choose a better template since. Non of the templates I’ve seen are all the great though, either they’re too graphic intensive (even in the mobile mode) or they’re too simplified. I’m kind of new to blogging and I didn’t know any of this until recently. I’m just learning as I go.

  2. Paige F says

    You can actually make your website mobile marketing friendly? Oh boy, I feel very stupid now. I thought all the wordpress themes were automatically mobile friendly, but it looks as though I might be wrong about that. Granted I started internet marketing just couple of months ago, I should have done more research on this and I should have had it working for my website by now. I wish I could hire a pro to do all these things for me.

  3. Jonathan says

    After getting a smartphone a few years ago and a tablet more recently, I can wholeheartedly recommend making sure your own sites are mobile friendly. Not all themes, WordPress or otherwise, are mobile friendly and they can be a nightmare to navigate if they don’t scale to the mobile platform. If in doubt & you’re on a self hosted WordPress install, grab the WPtouch plugin & it’ll format your site for mobile devices on a variety of mobile operating systems. Well worth it & all you have to do is click activate. :)


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