November 26, 2015

Don’t Be So Quick to Dismiss Marketing by Direct Mail

Despite the prevalence of digital marketing – forums, podcasts, social media platforms, linksharing, the blogosphere and e-mail – many B2B consumers still prefer direct mail when it comes to marketing messages. For freelancers (especially newbies) direct mail may be something you should consider including in your B2B multichannel marketing strategy when marketing to prospects who are not inclined to open emails from senders they don’t know. Many recipients, even when they do know you, don’t even bother to open their emails because they get so many of them. This makes direct mail a nice surprise, sometimes even a welcome surprise.

Infographic about Direct Mail

One thing’s for sure, as a freelancer, you’ll certainly stand out, since freelancers’ promotional and marketing collateral is almost never sent via traditional mail anymore. That alone makes your sales letter or postcard stand out.

What’s more, you don’t need permission to send it.





Postcards Postcards“Postcards are an excellent way to increase sales with high-quality, targeted marketing. Use them as direct mail to stay in front of your customers and prospects with quick announcements, special offers and more. Design and customize postcards with your logo or photos, or you can choose from our wide selection of templates tailored to your industry. VistaPrint postcards are printed on heavy card stock and come with matching envelopes. Get high-quality, full-color printing on the front and back of your postcards and try our Postcard Marketing service ? where we print, address and mail your postcards for you. Like all VistaPrint products, you can create your postcards in minutes and receive them in as few as 3 days.”

Infographic provided by: B&B

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  1. This is definitely an interesting things to consider. I rather thought direct mail was going the way of the dodo. All the people I know always complain about getting marketing letters and ads in their mailbox. It makes me wonder where the numbers come from. How big was the sample size polled, and when was the study done? As a copywriter, it’s not usually my decision to use direct mail or not. I suppose the method of writing it is very similar to writing an email newsletter, though you have to get everything in one mailing.


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