December 22, 2014


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And what’s so dang special about this Stacey Mathis Copywriting place anyway?



Well, for one thing, the members of our content marketing and copywriting teams step deep inside the heads and hearts of your customers, members, donors or prospects and walk around up there, you know, hang out a bit.


Really? Why?


Yes, really. Because it’s the only way we are going to know what makes them spend . . . I mean tick. Okay, spend, I meant spend.


We also . . .


►study your product and your brand or explore the merits of your organization

►check out your competitors

►unearth your hook – your unique benefit that customers or donors want


Then what?


We go to marketing War!  Look, a whole lot of somebodies want what you’re offering . . . We’ll help them know it.  We help you make that happen.



Yeah, says who?


The clients of Stacey Mathis Copywriting, that’s who –


“Stacey was able to create a flier for us that brought in a new perspective that we hadn’t previously considered, and helped us target a specific market – busy working moms.”
Diane K. Danielson, CEO
Downtown Women’s Club


 “When it comes to being a great copy writer what does it take? 

1. Listening to your clients

2. Researching the market and vertical to pinpoint a unique vantage point

3. Engaging writing to captivate your target clients

4. Integrating ongoing campaigns that pull all the marketing components together, be it a website, e-zine, online client offerings, off line brochure, etc.

Stacey Mathis is amazing at all the above. She listens to my goals, translates them into compelling writing which allows me to reach my target audience. She has insight, patience and delivers. I trust her skill and appreciate her accountability. She is a key person on my team which supports my business goals.”
Rochelle Lisner, Principal
Dynamic Business Growth


“Stacey Mathis assisted the New York Marketing Association with the digesting of listings in its GreenBook Health Directory, a buying guide of healthcare marketing services. She was efficient in successfully summarizing massive amounts of information about companies’ listings into Internet-friendly abstracts. We are very grateful for her hard work and for her contribution to the project’s success.”
Lukas Pospichal, Managing Director
New York American Marketing Association/GreenBook


“The brochures crafted by Stacey Mathis Copywriting have brought in a lot of business. My day care center increased by twice the number of children. We have reached our legal limit in a couple of short months and have maintained full capacity ever since. I have even been asked by other day care owners how my business increased so rapidly, so I showed them Stacey Mathis’s brochure and told them, this is how I did it and now they inquire about her writing services.”
Sharon Anglin, Founder
Louise & Lillian Group Family Day Care


“Stacey crafted a web landing page for a marketing kit that I created in collaboration with other marketing professionals. I was very impressed with her work. She was able to completely capture the essence of the product and its benefits, while keeping the language exciting and engaging to pull prospective customers.”
Biba Pedron, Founder


So … whether you’re a non-profit CEO who wants to acquire more donors . . . or a freelance copywriter looking to make more money . . . or an established company striving to increase market share  . . .  just click here to get started today!





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